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Buy Magicjack __EXCLUSIVE__

If your subscription is set to auto-renew, simply turn off auto-renew by going to Under the Account tab, select AutoRenew. When auto-renew is turned off, your subscription will expire at the end of the pre-paid period. You may terminate your use of magicJack at any time. Note that unused subscriptions are not refundable.

buy magicjack

Calling and Texting Restrictions. Calling to numbers within the United States and Canada, and texting and other services provided by magicJack, are based on normal, non-excessive use. If we become aware of unreasonably excessive use of the Services, including but not limited to, usage that is extraordinarily greater than the average customer usage, or calling more than 50 different telephone numbers per day, or forwarding calls from your App for longer than a two week consecutive period, or systematic or intentional misuse, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate your use of the App and Service immediately, and you will not be entitled to get a refund of Fees you may have paid to us. Calling does not include calls to Alaska or the Yukon and Northwest Territories of Canada or calls to non-8YY calling card, platform, conference or chat lines, for which additional fees will apply. Porting an existing phone number is subject to an additional fee, and may not be available for all numbers. Annual and monthly fees quoted do not include initial purchase of magicjack device or devices (which includes 1 year of service) or shipping, administration and regulatory fees and taxes as applicable. magicJack is not a substitute for traditional landline service. Subject to our applicable terms and conditions, laws and regulations, located here:

I have 5 magicjacks: 1-Plus on a Spectrum home network and 1-Plus, 2-Go and 1 Express on a Spectrum Business network with a static IP. All these devices started to experience static about two years ago and it is now making them almost useless. I follow a protocol of removing each magicjack device from power and network for 10 minutes then restarting one at a time. The static remains. Another issue is there is a loud call waiting tone when you are on a call that is beyond annoying. I am not alone with this problem. MagicJack Support can not solve the issue.

I've used the service since 2014 and aside from the power supply plug of my first magicjack plus failing, the service has been mostly good. However, there are times which appear random, that magicjack limits call duration. For a couple of years calls were limited to 60 minutes which I feel was quite fair. Howerver lately (July 2018) my outbound calls are being terminated after 15 minutes. So I returned to the MJ website to try to locate an updated subscriber agreement addressing call limits, but could find nothing. They also seem to have reduced the information available on their website (FAQs, etc) in favor of promoting their MJ Concierge service. At any rate I found no information about call limits. My service expires in Aug 2018 and at this point I am undecided about renewing. I also need a new device (still using the MJ plus, but there appears no path to upgrade to the MJ Go *and* port my existing MJ Canadian number to the MJ Go. At best, it seems I will have to get a new number.

I use magicjack for 7 years in Canada. It's excllent replacement to a regular phone. It has all features you need, that you would pay extra with other vip's. Unlimited Canada and US. The only thing in Canada, not in US, we pay $10 every year to renew the phone no. It sends email if I cannot pick the incoming call. I was in Florida and a call to my came thru to my android tablet and mobile, if you download their software. I can check anytime missed calls or messages on my galaxy tab and mobile. The a customer service is only thru chat, I used it and it solved a problem. The calls can be dropped, some time, not a big problem. The only problem (sometimes), that is not resolved is a bip on other side of the call like someone trying to call-in while in conversation. I renewed for a second term of 5 years. With mobile and magicjack that's all we need. I don't have magicjackGo and works fine. My family and many friends have magicjack here and US and use it successfully.

I have their app on my iPhone and an active service device at home. Suddenly the app didn't work anymore, saying that I need active service. I contacted customer service 3 times. I am being told to wait for an e-mail, that never comes. It's impossible to talk with someone. I also had money on the app for intentional calls. It's gone too. To not get any help at all in three weeks and to be repeatedly told "to wait for an e-mail" and the 100's of e-mails back log, is just not good enough for "customer service". Since I cannot rely on mj to work when I need it and I definitely cannot rely on the very incompetent customer service, I will not continue using magicjack, nor can I recommend it.

I used mj for 6 years everything was fine, just re-upped a years worth of service. Then my magicjack stopped working, no new device unless I paid for it. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS HORRIBLE ,I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN. I gave them a 1 because I couldn't give them nothing.

I've had the magicjack going on 5 years and have no problems. In the beginning my calls sounded a little weird but as time went on, the quality improved. I have the old system where it connects to the computer but love the app where I ported over my home phone and now get all of my calls on my cell.No call drops, no background static, and the service performance is excellent. I'm getting one for my husband who wants to try it. Unfortunately his unique 800 number can not be ported. But that is small compared to the savings.I am looking forward to getting the new system and seeing how my husband likes it.

MagicJack is a small device that you can plug into your home computer that allows you to have home phone service that calls anywhere in the United States or Canada. You simply plug your home phone into the device and plug the device into your computer. magicJack gives you unlimited calls to anywhere in the United States and Canada for one monthly price. In order for the magicjack to operate, customers must have a high speed internet connection. You can buy magicjack online here or at Radio Shack. 041b061a72


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