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International renowned Psychic Surgeon, Spiritual Counsellor and Healer.


Monsignor Alan Cox
Liberal Catholic Priest
Valentine Gnostic Church

Member of Old Catholic Apostolic Church
Award-Winning Radio Broadcaster and Author,
Film and Theatre Producer.
Member of The Eurasian Creative Guild.
Member of the Anthroposophical Society UK.

International renowned Psychic Surgeon,
Spiritual Counsellor and Healer
I am Alan Cox, and my mission is to help people break free from psychic attacks and possession. I also specialise in clearing haunted houses, buildings, and land. Additionally, I have been blessed with the gift of healing and psychic surgery.
As a Liberal Catholic with a deep and unwavering faith, I am committed to assisting individuals of all beliefs and backgrounds.
What people say

L. Kilpatrick

Alan and Anne were with me for several hours, cleansing my past, the house and giving me hands-on-healing. When they left I felt what can only be described as ‘light’ and ‘new.’ I

 Alan Payne

Alans healing abilities are phenomenal. His connection to Spirit is very clear, strong, and he will demonstrate this by easily connecting to you and your guides

Lorna Stewart

You taught me how to protect my body and my home, which I could feel was very powerful.

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