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Monsignor Alan Cox

Monsignor Alan Cox OSB is a renowned international psychic medium who has provided comfort and guidance to people worldwide. Alan's mission is to help individuals break free from psychic attacks and possession.
He also specialises in clearing haunted houses, buildings, land, and other properties. Additionally, he has been blessed with the gifts of healing and psychic surgery.
While Alan's skills are many, his primary commitment is to help people discover their true spiritual path in life.
Achievements and Affiliations:
  • Award-winning radio broadcaster and author
  • Film and theatre producer
  • Member of The Eurasian Creative Guild
  • Member of the Anthroposophical Society UK
  • Internationally renowned psychic surgeon
  • Spiritual counsellor and healer
Alan Cox's dedication to his craft and his unwavering commitment to assisting others make him a trusted and respected figure in the field of spiritual healing and psychic guidance.



Alan is the Radio Broadcaster and Producer of Crystal Radio. Over the many years of his broadcasting he's interviewed high profile people from around the world, but more importantly he interviewed many of people from everyday walk of life and as immensely helped them with their spirit.

Sunday Spiritual Service is aired every Sunday morning.

10am to 11am UK time

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