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TrueCaller Alternative: Fed up with repeated fraud calls? For protection from Scam And Spam, TrueCaller is the most accepted app among the Indian audience. it is a caller identification app for free. It is made in Sweden and is popular in India.

it is accessible on both Android And IOS for download on your smartphone. For Android Users, you can simply download it from the google play store. Moreover, For IOS, it is available to install from Apple App Store.

It has three pricing plans for consumers. However, it is available on all app stores for free to install.

  • Free: A Free Version for normal use. it only allows the facility of the Caller ID and Spam Blocking. Moreover, With a drawback, Ads will display While Using the app.

  • Premium: On the premium version, The price of premium services is ₹529 per year. It enables all the advanced features for extra protection. For example, No ads, and Who Viewed My Profile features.

  • GOLD: On the Gold Plan, The Gold Version pricing is around ₹5,000 per year. it allows all the premium features with a dash of gold.

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