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You've passed, and I've signed, over 840 bills. In response to tragedy, and the spreading plague of gun violence, we've strengthened our gun safety laws - which were already the strongest in the nation.

My Daddy Strongest Download Mp4


My parents were my strongest supporters for my interest in science. My dad is a nuclear physicist and my mom was a science teacher. Between the two of them we could discuss most any facet of science, from biology to the refraction of light. I had excellent science teachers and professors who used hands-on, field-based learning. At Salem College, I took advantage of the unique opportunities such as a January Term spent in the field in Kenya and doing an independent study in biochemistry at a medical university.

Probably, by far my father. My father always made us, being my brothers and I, help him do lots and lots of projects and he always pushed us to find jobs that would contribute to society. So that was probably the strongest influence. My graduate advisor pushed on me a lot to dig into the fundamentals of a variety of problems. And ultimately, I have some very close friends who told me to have fun along the way.

And here we have a final invitation. One more moment in which they can cease their open rejection, or their indecision, and for one scribe he can go from being not far to coming all the way to the kingdom. He had confronted them, as you know, with the strongest rebukes. He had publicly shamed the leaders for their deception, their hypocrisy, their deadly influence, their lies, but at the same time that He has laid out these indictments against them, He still manifests concern for them to know and believe the truth concerning Him, which is the only way of salvation.

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PBS Kids accounts were retired in June 2021, and Design Squad no longer collects submissions as of January 2023. But old profile pages are still available to help inspire new ideas! You can create or remix designs and download them to your device. Have fun designing!

AMV Hell is a collection put out by the fine folks over a I stumbled upon one of the videos a few years back and liked it. Over the years I lost my downloaded copies to computer crashes and re-builds. Recently I decided to look them up again and managed to find the collection and get it downloaded. For my own archival purposes I am putting them up on my site so I can keep them around. I've copied the credits for each video over as well for convenience in knowing what anime or song is being used.

Due to the graphic nature of these videos, I'm not going to be hosting them here like the ones above. These's are not really something I'm into personally, but for completeness sake I do have a copy of the torrent files available for download.

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inoculated.NARRATION: But even vaccines didn't help.FANNIN: They thought it was caused by a bacteria, so they made up a vaccine with the bacteria they thought was influenza.... But, you can't make a vaccine if you're looking at the wrong causative organism. They were on the wrong track; the influenza was caused by a virus.CROSBY: Science knew next to nothing about viruses at this time. The optical microscopes they had couldn't show you a virus, virus is much too small for them. Nobody would ever see virus until the electron microscope came along and that was decades after that. These poor scientists were looking for a needle in a haystack, when they didn't know it was a needle they were looking for and the needle was too small for them to see. No wonder they didn't find it.NARRATION: Medical science, at the very moment of its great rise to power, had failed to provide a cure.READING: At that moment I decided never again to prate about the great achievements of science... The deadly influenza demonstrated the inferiority of human inventions. Victor Vaughan.NARRATION: With science powerless, many people turned to folk remedies and quick fixes.SARDO: There was some quackery that existed at the time. There were all kinds of, of gimmicks that were being pursued by people in desperation. JOHN DE LANO: I had camphor balls in, in a little sack around my neck. I know I couldn't stand myself, let alone somebody coming near me. [LAUGHING] I smelled so bad, I guess, in those days.FERREL: We used turpentine on sugar, we used kerosene on sugar, a few drops... you could smell this medication before you got too close to them, but it wasn't too bad because so many people had these different type medications until we were all smelling bad.REAY: Everybody was asking for medicine and there wasn't any. So Dad came home and said, "We've got to make medicine some way." And so in our kitchen, on our cookstove, Dad stewed up about five gallons. It wasn't real medicine, but it smelled like medicine and it tasted like medicine and we put a lot of honey in it so that it would taste pretty good and we passed it out to everyone who wanted medicine. It went in a hurry, there wasn't much left. [CHUCKLING] It didn't do any harm. Most of them thought it did good.CROSBY: In the middle of a crisis you have to do something and it's certainly an American characteristic that we have to do something even if it's wrong.NARRATION: Folk remedies might have been wrong, but doctors were just as helpless.MORRISSEY: They absolutely didn't know what to do for treatment of these patients. The ambulances would arrive in the morning, the drivers would bring in four living patients, but the nurses would go ahead and wrap these patients in the winding sheets and they would put toe tags on the boys before they were even dead.NARRATION: One doctor told a patient's wife: "This is my twenty-fifth case. And I've lost the first twenty-four." NARRATION: A twelve-year-old boy was told by his doctor: "Get on the waiting list for a casket."FERRELL: My mother called a doctor because we, the whole family was sick with this flu, and I, being the infant baby, was very sick, to the point that the doctor thought that I would not make it and he told my mother that it wasn't necessary to feed me anymore because I wasn't going to live.ACT IV -- THE HORRORNARRATION: In the month of September, some 12,000 people died of influenza in America. But those numbers would be dwarfed. For the full horror now began. October would be the cruelest month.MILANI: In the street, there were crepes at the door, if it was a young person they put a white crepe at the door; if it was a middle aged they put a black and if it was an elderly one, much older, they put a grey crepe at the door, signifying who died. So, there were, we were children and was, we were excited to find out who died next.SARDO: My father, my older brother and an uncle were all engaged in the funeral directing business....We lived in a funeral home. The influenza epidemic became so bad that the living room, the dining room were all occupied with row upon row of caskets. The fearsome part of it was that these were friends of yours that were passing away, these were whole families that you knew, these were people that you went to school with or church with. It was very eerie, very, very eerie. DELANO: The undertaker which was half a block away from me had pine boxes on the sidewalk, piled high. Me and my two friends would go down there and play on the boxes, it was like climbing the pyramids, up and down and around, the whole bit jumping off, and my mother told me that I should never go down there, don't go on those boxes because there are people in them that have died. But these two friends of mine got sick right after that -- and so did I.REAY: My father, being the health officer, was very concerned about the Indians who were our neighbors, they were only six miles away. So Dad and the city marshall rode up there one day to see how things were going at the Indian camps and they were horrified at what they saw. After an Indian died, his family and friends would sit around chanting him to the Happy Hunting Grounds and they'd spend all night there. And, by that time, they were all exposed, everybody had the flu. Ultimately, it killed about half the Indians.NARRATION: No one was safe. In Washington, Victor Vaughan was working late, trying to make sense of the hellish chaos. He uncovered an unnerving fact. Usually, influenza kills only the weak -- the very young and very old -- but this time it had a different target. People in the very prime of life -- from 21 to 29 -- were the most vulnerable of all.READING: Victor Vaughan: "This infection, like war, kills the young, vigorous, robust adults.... The husky male either made a speedy and rather abrupt recovery or was likely to die. CROSBY: The situation was upside down and backwards, a disease that's supposed to be a mild disease is killing people, the people it's killing are the strongest members, the most robust, members of our society.NARRATION: For example: soldiers. In Europe, the flu was devastating both sides. Seventy-thousand American soldiers were sick; in some units, the flu killed 80% of the men. General John Pershing made a desperate plea for reinforcements. But that would mean sending soldiers across the Atlantic on troop ships.CROSBY: There's nothing more crowded than a troop ship, it's just being jammed in there like sardines and if somebody has a respiratory disease, everybody's going to get it.NARRATION: President Woodrow Wilson now faced an agonizing decision. Sending the soldiers would be signing thousands of death warrants. Wilson gazed out his office window. After a long moment, he nodded. The troop shipments would [have to] continue. And then the President turned to his aide. "I wonder if you have heard this limerick?"'I had a little bird and his name was Enza...'"READING: I lay like a stone at the farthest bottom of life. The smell of death was in my own body.NARRATOR: Katherine Anne Porter was finally admitted to the hospital. But she was now separated from her lieutenant. She was so sick that she was left on a stretcher in the hallway -- left there to die. Porter's newspaper quietly set the type for her obituary.NARRATION: In New York, 851 people died of the flu in a single day. But the greatest horror came to Philadelphia. In one week in October, the death rate there was seven hundred times higher than normal.MILANI: In October we were all stricken, we were all sick. We had headaches, pains in the legs, the stomach, vomiting and everything. We were all sleeping close to one another because we only had two beds in the one room..... Harry couldn't stay with us because he was too sick...I was like a second mother to Harry, Harry was always close to me.... So, when he was very sick he kept calling me all the time and... I was always beside him and I would cuddle him and pet him and everything... So my mother said while Harry's sleeping, you go and lie down... And my mother said he, he opened his eyes, his eyes went back and forth and his head went back and forth and he said, "Annie." My name was Nanina, in Italian, Nanina, Nanina and he died with my name in his mouth....NARRATION: In Philadelphia, death carts roamed the city. It was a scene

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