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Best Tv To Buy Now

To help you find the best TV, not to mention the best deals on top TVs, ZDNET experts combed the web and selected top picks. We've rounded up the best TVs overall, and we're also constantly updating our coverage of the best TV deals to save you time and money.

best tv to buy now

If picture quality is a top priority when shopping for a new TV, the new C2 from LG is the best option; it even made the top pick in our best LG TVs list. It features an updated OLED panel with a brightness booster for better visibility while still maintaining perfect black levels for enhanced detailing and contrast. The TV is compatible with Alexa, Hey Google, and Siri, allowing for hands-free voice controls to launch apps, switch HDMI inputs, or adjust settings.

The C2 also supports Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos, creating an immersive cinematic experience that movie buffs will appreciate. The dynamic tone mapping feature of the C2 divides the screen into 5,000 blocks, allowing for the analysis and rendering of even better color accuracy, contrast, and detailing. The 5th generation a9 processor provides excellent native and upscaled 4K resolution, along with automatic setting adjustments for the best viewing and listening experience.

Compared to other panels on this list, the A80J may be smaller at 55 inches, but it doesn't skimp on features. The OLED screen offers excellent 4K resolution, color, and contrast which placed it among our top picks for the best Sony TVs and best OLED TVs. Sony's signature DTS Digital Surround Sound and Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology transform your films into a near-perfect audio and video syncing experience. Coupled with Dolby Vision and HDR10 technology, you'll get the best of both worlds for your streaming needs.

Choosing the best TVs required extensive research and comparison of the top TV brands, as well as speaking to other ZDNET editors for their opinion. I also combed through user reviews on retail websites to get a better sense of customer satisfaction with the different TV models. To ensure that I made the best selection, ZDNET went hands-on with one of the TVs and evaluated its picture and sound quality and more.

My ultimate goal was to provide a selection of TVs that offered the best possible viewing experience and a range of features to meet different needs. I believe that my careful selection process, combined with extensive research and testing, has resulted in a list of TVs that offer excellent quality and value for a variety of budgets and room types. Whether you're looking for a TV for your living room, bedroom, or home theater, I'm confident that I've found the best TVs on the market to suit your needs.

My pick for the best gaming TV is the LG C2. Not only does it deliver exceptional picture quality, but it also supports both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium variable refresh rate technology for smoother playback and lower latency. It even supports cloud gaming via Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now, so you can play your favorite PC games on your couch.

The best way to find your ideal TV screen size is to measure the distance (in inches) between your couch and where the TV will be wall-mounted or placed on a dedicated stand. Next, divide that distance by two. So if your couch is 120 inches (10 feet) from where the TV will be, the ideal size would be 60 inches.

The best TV for a living room can vary depending on the size of the room and your budget. However, some of the best options available include the Samsung QN90B, the LG C2, and the Sony X80K. These TVs provide excellent picture and sound quality, a range of features, and a variety of screen sizes to suit different room types.

The LG C1 was our favourite TV of 2021 and its successor improves on it in just about every way. It houses four HDMI 2.1 ports, with each one supporting 4k@120Hz, Auto Low Latency Mode and Variable Refresh Rate in the form of Nvidia G-Sync and AMD Freesync. Input lag is extremely low and LG's Game Optimiser remains a great way of getting the best experience from your next-gen console or PC. The hub has been expanded this year, with new settings including a Dark Room mode and a picture setting for sports games.

It's been the best part of a decade since we last saw an OLED television from Samsung and boy, was it worth the wait. The S95B uses an advanced Quantum Dot OLED panel that delivers exceptional SDR images and bright HDR for an OLED. It's incredibly skinny (even by OLED standards) and offers support for key next-gen gaming features including 4K/120Hz, Auto Low Latency Mode and Variable Refresh Rate. Input lag is extremely low and the updated Game Bar 2.0 provides a welcome way to access gaming info with the press of a single button.

Though the LZ2000 makes it onto this list as the best TV for image accuracy, it could just as easily be on here as the best TV for audio quality given how immersive its in-built 360 Soundscape Pro sound system is. An up-firing speaker located behind the panel produces convincing Atmos height effects, and is complemented ably by a pair of side-firing speakers and a speaker array running along the panel.

There are plenty of TVs designed specifically for wall mounting, but the LG G2 OLED evo Gallery Edition is the best and brightest of them all. It sits at the top of LG's OLED lineup and commands a hefty price tag as a result, but looks great and performs better than any OLED we've tested. The chassis is only 22mm deep and the borders around the edge of the screen are unobtrusive, while composite fibre materials make it a lot lighter than last year's G1 and significantly easier to mount.

The Hisense U8H is the follow-up to one of our favorite TVs from 2021, the Hisense U8G, and stands alongside the TCL 6-Series as one of the best values. It's reasonably priced (especially if you can find it for its "everyday" price, rather than its higher suggested retail price), plus it offers loads of features and a fantastic picture. It shows more light bloom than the Samsung QN90B (and obviously more than any OLED TV), but its bright panel, wide colors, and Google TV platform with hands-free Google Assistant make it an excellent deal.

This is a bit pricier than a budget TV, but not by much. If you're willing to spend around $1,000, this is one of the best choices available. The TCL Google TV 6-Series is almost identical in features and performance, though it isn't quite as bright.

This is the best-looking TV we've seen yet and is a stunning showcase for the capabilities of OLED panels. Its color performance is close to perfect and it offers effectively infinite contrast thanks to its perfect black levels. It's also quite reasonably priced for an OLED. LG's WebOS interface is occasionally clunky, but it's loaded with features like hands-free voice assistants and Apple AirPlay 2. It's simply an incredible all-around package.

If you want a big, premium TV, the Samsung S95C offers class-leading picture quality. It's a technological marvel that's best for big spenders with spacious living rooms. For the rest of us, the OLED LG C2 remains a top alternative.

Hisense and TCL have both proven that you can get excellent picture quality and plenty of features out of a modestly priced TV (generally in the $1,000 to $1,300 range for 65-inch models). Below that price range, you need to make some compromises, but not too many. The Hisense U6H's contrast levels aren't impressive, for instance, but its color performance is fantastic and it offers tons of useful features including Apple AirPlay, Google Cast, and hands-free Google Assistant. This TV is also frequently available for below its suggested retail price, which helps solidify it as one of the best budget-priced TVs we've seen yet.

If you want a TV for your (covered) deck or patio, and don't mind spending the money for the best picture for that purpose, the SunBriteTV Veranda 3 is the ideal pick. We've seen a few more affordable outdoor TVs, but none look nearly as good or offer as many smart TV features.

This is the best Fire TV option on the list, though that isn't saying much. Otherwise, its low price makes it a good choice for people who want to add an Alexa-centric TV to their home without spending a ton of money.

Moreover, there's no consumer-ready 8K media available, and no major studios or distributors have even talked about releasing 8K movies or shows so far. There aren't yet physical or streaming media standards that allow 8K video to be commercially released. Even if you can find an 8K TV, at best you might be able to watch upconverted 4K video on it. So, for the time being, don't worry about 8K suddenly replacing 4K. It won't happen anytime soon.

A big TV that's too close can be just as uncomfortable to watch as a small one that's too far away, so don't assume that the biggest screen available is the best choice. There are a few different rules of thumb regarding TV screen size based on your distance from it.

Your ideal TV should provide enough video connections not only for now but also for the foreseeable future. The most important input is HDMI, which supports all major forms of digital video sources including Blu-ray players, game consoles, set-top boxes, and PCs through a single cable. Most TVs have three or four HDMI ports, but some might only have two. If you want a 4K screen, make sure the HDMI ports are at least HDMI 2.0. It's the current standard and supports 4K video at 60 frames per second; older HDMI ports can only handle 4K up to 30 frames per second, at best. HDMI 2.1, meanwhile, supports higher resolutions and faster refresh rates, though it isn't vital for most content currently available.

Still, if you spent a lot on your new TV, you might want to get it calibrated to obtain the best picture possible. Professional calibrations can cost hundreds of dollars, but if you have a high-end home theater (the kind you hired someone to build for you), it can be a worthwhile added expense. You can also use the Apple TV's Color Balance feature, though it doesn't come close to a professional calibration and only affects the Apple TV device's (not the Apple TV app) output itself. 041b061a72


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