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Tomb Raider Anniversary Nude Patch

in april 2009, it was stated by eidos and core design that the game was cancelled, and that the studio wanted to release the "cancelled game" under the tomb raider banner. however, core design did not confirm it was an hd remake, but only mentioned that it was working on a faithful remake, and was not the tomb raider for the next-gen systems.

tomb raider anniversary nude patch


in june 2009, core design released an official statement disclosing that the game was announced at the game developers conference that year, while the studio worked on a faithful remake. in this statement, the studio also announced that it would not work on the canceled version for the next-gen systems, and focused on the remake.

core design's remake of tomb raider was officially announced in e3 2009, when it was revealed that the game was aimed to release in the second quarter of 2010 for pc, ps3 and xbox 360. however, the studio's assets were acquired by crystal dynamics in february 2010.

the game was first shown at pax in august 2010, when it was revealed that it was in development for pc, xbox 360 and ps3 platforms. pc fans were upset with the reveal of the game, because it was not released for the pc. the game featured a new island setting with gameplay mechanics similar to tomb raider iii. players could sprint or dive down to new areas to find clues. enemies were revealed to be an original beastly breed.

because of the game's strong adult and violence themes, it came out of development under the working title threshold. graphically, the game was among the most ambitious 3d games ever released at the time. most settings were hand-drawn or scanned and composited directly into the 3d environment. tomb raider was graphically superior to most first-generation 3d games of the time. the game engine used was lara's own code, allowing for increased control over lara, which was not always true of other games of the time. in addition, it allowed for in-depth character animation.


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