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Mac Theme For Windows 8.1 Free Download

  • Update your Windows system with a new look, similar to the Mac OS X Yosemite operating system layout.With Yosemite Transformation Pack, you get all of the interesting a glossy style of Apple without having to buy the hardware, essentially skinning your Windows system.Once you've completed installing Yosemite Transformation Pack, the look of most of your OS will have changed to Mac OS X-like styling. That includes taskbar, windows, buttons, start button while also installing a dock which is similar to Apple's.The typical features of a Mac system will be installed, all taking a nod from the original but while retaining standard Windows functions. In fact, the Safari icon will just open up your default browser instead of forcing users to run Safari themselves.In conclusion, Yosemite Transformation Pack really does provide you with a different look and feel of your plain Windows operating system but before installing it, we highly recommend setting a system restore point so that in case of something going wrong, you can revert to your original state -- that or if you don't like the new look.Features of macOS Transformation PackDashboard and Spaces with shortcut keys configured.

  • Easily configurable in single click with intelligence Metro UI design.

  • Instantly dress up Windows 7/8/8.1 to OS X Yosemite in one minute.

  • Launchpad access from desktop corner and Dock configured.

  • OS X Dock emulation with pre-configured docklets optimized for stability/performance.

  • OS X Yosemite/iOS 8 themes, wallpapers, user pictures and logon screen.

  • Seamless installation and uninstallation giving user's confidence and security in system.

  • Start Orb matching OS X Yosemite themes without actually modifying system files.

  • UxStyle memory patching

Compatibility and LicensemacOS Transformation Pack is a freeware, but ad-supported application available on Windows from desktop enhancement software. You may encounter different types of ads or offers when running and installing this program. Though ads might be present, download and installation of this PC software is free and 5.0 is the latest version last time we checked.

Mac Theme For Windows 8.1 Free Download

Download File:

Before you proceed with downloading and installing these skin transformation themes for Microsoft Windows, do note that there are risks involved such as the possibility of making your system unbootable or crash frequently.

Windows app samples are now available through GitHub. You can browse the code on GitHub, clone a personal copy of the repository from Git, or download a zipped archive of all the samples. We welcome feedback, so feel free to open an issue within the repository if you have a problem or question. These samples are designed to run on desktop, mobile, and future devices that support the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

Proceed to the next section to download and install the hottest MacOS themes for Windows that we think you should try out. Please note that we are not discussing themes for all Apple operating systems, only the ones we believe may be suitable for you.The application of custom themes and skin packs can adversely affect the performance of the system. Therefore, it is recommended that you only use these themes if performance is not your primary concern.

You can download the MacOS Monterey Skinpack (Lite) from this link. It is completely free to use. However, the setup file is password protected, therefore, you will also need to download the Password.txt file to view and enter the password.

Once downloaded, run the file to extract it. The setup will then be extracted into the same folder. Run the extracted setup file and follow through with the installation wizard as instructed. When finished, the theme will be installed.The Monterey skin pack shifts the Taskbar to the bottom and also makes a few changes to the alignment of elements. For example, the Start Menu has been shifted to the left from the previous center alignment in Windows 11.

Installing Big Sur 2 on a Windows computer is a bit different from Monterey Skinpack (Lite). The downloaded contents (compressed) are provided separately. Meaning, mouse cursors are given separately, themes individually, etc. Each component that will modify the Windows default settings for MacOS Big Sur is given separately and will need to be configured through the Settings app.To download Big Sur 2, visit this DevianArt page. Note that you will need to register on the website (for free) to download this theme.MacOS Catalina (Lite)MacOS Catalina (Lite) applied to Windows 11Note: This theme pack has some minor issues which we hope will be fixed in a future release.

MacOS Catalina is the same as the MacOS Monterey Skinpack, which we have discussed earlier. It shifts the Taskbar to the top, realigns the start menu, and changes the mouse cursor/pointer.You can download MacOS Catalina (Lite) from this link.MacOS Mojave (Lite)MacOS Mojave (Lite) applied to Windows 11MacOS Mojave provides a slightly different theme layout than what we have already discussed. Not only that, but it also supports a few other features as the real MacOS does! This includes running widgets, grouping different windows in the task bar of the same type, etc.

To install MacOS Transformation Pack, start by extracting the contents of the file and then running the setup file. You will be asked to reboot your machine. Once it reboots, run the setup file again and follow through with the installation wizard. Once installed, the computer will need to be rebooted again.You will then be able to see the full capability of this pack. Click here to download MacOS Transformation Pack for Windows. A password will be required to extract the contents of the compressed folder, which is also given on the download page.MacOS UX PackMacOS UX Pack applied to Windows 11The MacOS UX Pack offers similar features and apps to the MacOS Transformation Pack discussed earlier. However, the UX Pack provides a more Yosemite experience. Furthermore, it also provides themes, logon screens, and iOS 8 pictures.

The contents of the downloaded (compressed) file must be extracted using a password before the installation process. You may then install the MacOS UX Pack. However, it does not require you to reboot your computer.Click here to download MacOS UX Pack for Windows.Closing WordsThe MacOS themes and skin packs we have discussed in this post are applicable to both Windows 10 and Windows 11, since they both share the same core operating files.

If the user is looking for a picture-perfect quality and high pixel rate embedded within a theme then this is the one that is to be downloaded to make sure that the user gets the best results and the state of the art outcomes. The dark theme has been developed for users who are fond of black or similar colors.

It is also one of the best and the state of the art glossy theme for windows 10 that can be applied to windows 8 with ease and satisfaction. It supports all the colors of windows 8 and therefore it is a perfect match for all the users who are looking to convert their windows 8 to 10 through the use of themes.

With a new frame and outlook, the theme is a perfect fit for both windows 8 and windows 10 and therefore the cross-platform functionality is something that has been embedded within it to make sure that the user not only downloads it but also uses it to get the work done without any issue and problem.

The users who have used the chromium OS that has been developed by Google itself will familiar with the name and the functionality. It is to be noted that the user should download and install the theme for windows 8 to make sure that the needful is done and the system looks good and fresh.

With transparent windows, it is one of the most stunning themes that Windows 10 offers and the other OS including Windows 8 and 7 can easily download, install and run it to make sure that the theme is applied in the best way.

With dark styled visuals, it is the best theme that could make sure that the user gets the best and the state of the art results about the windows 8 OS. The theme can be applied without any problem irrespective of the fact that it has been developed for windows 10.

With the glowing dark interface and the state of the art windows outlook, this window makes sure that the user gets the best result without any issue and problem. This dark theme is the best for the ones who are fond of getting similar colored themes.

Formerly developed for windows 8 the theme has been revamped for windows 10 and it is to be noted that the user can make sure that the revamped version is also used without any issue as it has been tested successfully using the windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 7. The theme makes sure that the user gets the best results about the system as well as the overall windows 8 structure as well.

If you are not up for using the SkinPack Creator and would rather use a premade theme, go to the download page (linked below) for your specific Windows version and find the SkinPack that is right for you.

Once you get to the installation options, make sure you check the box next to Restore Point just in case anything goes wrong with the installation. There will also be options to install add-ons like MetroSidebar and RocketDock, depending on the theme you downloaded.

Did you create your own theme, or download one of the featured SkinPack themes? Be sure to show off you screenshots in the comments section below, or share them with us over on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

The default theme of Windows 10 is excellent but if you are looking to give a new design or look to your Windows 10 PC, you might be looking for some attractive windows 10 themes or skins.

If you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise then the Star Wars Theme might impress you. This theme for windows 10 is one of the best HD themes that you can install on your PC and it conists of 33 HD wallpapers.

The last best Windows 10 theme was on our list of windows 10 themes 2021 and it is still on the 2022 list. McLaren Senna Track Day can be directly downloaded from the Microsoft Store. If you are a fan of McLaren Senna supercar or a car enthusiast in general then this theme will definitely impress you.


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