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Feeling Up Phoenix [TOP]

Stratton decided to follow the lead of her peers around the country before Tucson began feeling a strain. She posted an online signup sheet and asked her fellow medical students if they were willing to help health care workers with child care, pet care, grocery shopping and meal preparation.

feeling up phoenix

Keeping the holiday season festiveAs the festive season approaches, Woody offers a few simple tips to help practice self-care to successfully surmount feeling of stress, sadness or depression during the season:

And most of all for taking -- it is Friday. You realize that? (Laughter.) This is how you've chosen to spend your Friday evening, so I am grateful. (Laughter.) Hopefully you all are feeling as excited as I am after our wonderful convention in Charlotte a few weeks ago. Wasn't it amazing? It was truly an amazing convention. (Applause.) Very proud, very proud.

And I'm going to be honest with you, like I always am -- this journey is going to be hard. There are going to be ups and downs and twists and turns. No matter how we're feeling today, it will change -- it always does. And these days are going to be long. But when you start getting tired -- and you will -- when you start thinking about taking a day off -- and maybe you will -- I just want you to remember that what we do for the next 46 days will absolutely make the difference between waking up on November the 7th and wondering "Could I have done more?", or feeling the promise of four more years. 041b061a72


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