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But they also can and do include other supplies, such as alcohol wipes to clean hands or a pipe, or lip balm for cracked lips, Raymond said. Such give-away kits can be a way to start a conversation with drug users, perhaps pointing them toward change.

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TL;DR: Cracking long RSA keys is computationally hard (i.e. there is no known solution that runs in polynomial time) and while your algorithm might not be the most efficient, no one has found one that can crack long RSA keys (with a classical computer - Shor's algorithm for a quantum computer could crack long RSA keys in polynomial time).

One thing to note about the article and answer you linked to is that they provide examples with short keys. The reason the RSA cryptosystem is used and works is that when large enough keys are generated, it is computationally intractable (i.e. it would take many lifetimes even if all the compute resources on earth worked together) to use any known procedure to determine the private key given the public key. As computers get faster, what is considered a large enough key may change a little, and other public-key cryptosystems that are even harder to crack can also be used for greater security, but as it stands, 1,024 to 4,096 bit RSA is widely used in production environments. The n you provided is 199 bits (math.log(n,2)), so I imagine it can be brute forced in a reasonable amount of time... just not using a laptop and not using python (if you try the same brute force approach in C it will still not run in a reasonable time - but it will be faster than python). If you're interested in other algorithms for solving the discrete log problem or integer factorization, I don't know much about that, but I can tell you that there are no known efficient algorithms for non-quantum computers.

Over the past three decades Santa Monica has taken sometimes radical steps to address the problem -- from cracking down on the homeless to providing them with free housing to a carrot and stick approach that combines both.

But the crackdown failed to reduce the number of homeless who flocked to the city. Eight years later in 2002, an internal report found that the number of homeless people who received services the previous year grew by 25 percent to more than 2,500.

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