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How to Download 2AM by SZA - The Hottest Track from Her New Album

How to Download 2AM by SZA

If you are a fan of R&B music, you might have heard of SZA, one of the most talented and popular singers in the genre. She has released several hit songs, such as "Love Galore", "The Weekend", and "Good Days". But one of her most underrated songs is "2AM", a bonus track from her debut album Ctrl. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this song, and how you can download it for your personal enjoyment.

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What is 2AM by SZA?

A brief introduction to the song and its lyrics

"2AM" is a song that SZA released in 2016 as a part of her Ctrl (Deluxe Version) album. It is a cover of PARTYNEXTDOOR's single "Come and See Me", which features Drake. However, SZA puts her own twist on the song, singing from a female perspective and adding a second part called "Inside Man". The song is about a late-night booty call, where SZA expresses her frustration and confusion with a lover who only wants to see her at 2 AM. She questions his intentions, his feelings, and her own self-worth, while also admitting that she can't resist him.

The lyrics of the song are raw, honest, and relatable. Here are some of the most memorable lines from the song:

  • "I never care long as I come first, you come on time"

  • "I know your kind, how you lie like that"

  • "All this time I've been playin' your side / I could've done better shit with my life"

  • "I might be thirsty for you / How can you blame me?"

  • "I conjure up that coochie for you / Voodoo, Houdini"

Why you should listen to 2AM by SZA

There are many reasons why you should listen to 2AM by SZA, but here are some of the main ones:

  • It showcases SZA's amazing vocal skills and range. She can sing softly, powerfully, and emotionally, depending on the mood of the song.

  • It has a smooth and catchy melody that will make you want to groove along. The production is simple but effective, using a piano, a bass, and some drums.

  • It tells a realistic and compelling story that many people can relate to. It explores the complexities of modern relationships, where love, lust, and loneliness often collide.

How to appreciate the song's message and style

To fully appreciate the song's message and style, here are some tips:

  • Listen to the original song by PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake, and compare how they differ in tone, perspective, and delivery.

  • Pay attention to the lyrics and how they convey SZA's feelings and thoughts. Notice how she uses metaphors, rhetorical questions, and repetition to emphasize her points.

  • Appreciate the second part of the song, "Inside Man", where SZA switches to a more confident and assertive tone. She reveals that she has another lover who treats her better, and that she is not afraid to leave the 2 AM guy if he doesn't change.

Where can you download 2AM by SZA?

The official sources of the song

The best way to download 2AM by SZA is to use the official sources of the song, which are the streaming services that have the rights to distribute it. These are:

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