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Lance Web Design Rates 2015

When most graphic designers launch their freelance business, they start working at an hourly rate. To quote potential clients, then, they estimate how many hours the work will take and multiply by their per hour rate.

lance Web Design Rates 2015

Thumbtackestimates this range based on their nationwide network of freelance graphic designers. Variation within that range comes down to the number of logo options that are mocked up, revision cycles, whether you start from a template or from scratch, and of course, the experience level of the designer.

For an average high-quality site with 5-6 pages, Thumbtack provided the estimate above. Web design rates vary a lot, even by our standards here. The number of pages, whether the site is custom or built from a template, and the complexity of the design can all yield huge swings in price.

Both pricing structures are common in the freelance graphic design field, so both are realistic options for you. That said, there are some definite advantages and drawbacks to each type of rate.

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