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Ladyboy Galleries 2009 [NEW]

Last night's Lady Boy 2009 beautry pageant at fine dining Thai restaurant, Mango Tree, offered up camp glamour, lots of laughs and plenty of spectacle for the full house in attendance. Competition among the eight contestants was fierce (and for the most part quite convincing). Slebs such as Gabrielle, Beverley Knight, Dame Kelly Holmes, some Big Brother exiles and a few other oh-that's-what's-his-face types presided as judges over the evening, while plenty of Thai-inspired canapes, lip syncing drag queens and even a magician added to the festive ambience.

ladyboy galleries 2009


And the winner of Miss Mango Tree 2009? Miss Garcia (representing Venezuela), who also took home the Miss Popularity award as voted by the audience. Receiving the title of Miss Mango Tree 2009, Miss Garcia won a tiara (of course), a magnum of Champagne, a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, a return trip ticket to Thailand and more. Luck was a lady(boy) for this queen of the stage last night!

Thailand is well known for its high rates of sex tourism, especially in Pattaya. Miss International Queen pageant and its organization is aiming to show the transgender women that there are alternative career choices. Kathoey typically refers to a transgender woman or a very feminine acting male. A kathoey is often called a ladyboy in the English language.[12] Although Thailand is much more accepting of transgender people than most other countries, the LQBTQ+ community remains stigmatized. Cultural norms still suggest that someone's hobbies, mannerisms, and interests should match one's gender. So, even though kathoeys are accepted in society, a cisgender male working a typically female job is still looked down upon.[13] But, in October 1997, Thailand released a constitution that called for equal rights and treatment for all people, regardless of race, sex, gender, and more. Therefore, Thai culture slowly started to accept all individuals.

Trans culture is very prevalent in Thailand due to extensive medical research done and sex-change surgeries. The first documented sex change in Thailand was in 1975, and attitudes and surgical techniques have improved much since then. On 25 November 2009, the Thailand Medical Council released a policy that was titled "Criteria for the treatment of sex change, Census 2009". Since this policy change, ninety percent of those who received a sex change operation are foreigners to Thailand.[14] With this much tourism based solely off of sex reassignment surgery, Thailand's transgender community has not only grown, but trans individuals in Thai society are accepted on a much larger scale and will continue to be so in the future if the trend continues. 041b061a72


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