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Maria Juarez
Maria Juarez

Red Handed: How 20 Shocking Crimes Exposed India's Dark Side

With Bala and Maguire's trademark humour, research on real-life cases and unflinching analysis of what makes a criminal, the authors take you through the societal, behavioural and cultural drivers of the most extreme of human behaviour to find out once and for all: what makes a killer tick?

Investigations into natural resource crimes often go no further than seizure of an illegal product and sanctioning the poacher or trafficker caught red-handed. This allows the organized crime groups, high-level criminals, and corrupt officials who profit from and perpetuate the illegal activity to continue their operations. To reach these individuals and actually disrupt the enterprise, financial investigations should be initiated in parallel to traditional investigations into natural resource crimes.

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Many countries have a range of asset recovery mechanisms in their anti-corruption and anti-money laundering laws. They often include non-conviction based forfeiture provisions that allow courts to recover illicit assets even without a specific criminal conviction. This is helpful in cases where the higher-level criminals and corrupt facilitators are careful to distance themselves from the physical crime.


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