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Mt. Mograph Motion 3.27

the title track, 'mt. mograph', is something of a sonic history lesson. it's a collage of sounds that run in and out of focus and speed; at times it feels like an early precursor to the kind of music that williams would make later, when he joined the band lifted. if 'mt. mograph' sounds like an early version of motion graphics, that's no coincidence: the track was recorded in the summer of 2012, at the same time that williams started working on the album. in fact, it's a 'freeform' piece that williams originally sent to lifeformed, the label that released motion graphics. 'mt. mograph' was the last song that williams recorded for the album. before that, he had recorded a number of tracks with lifted, including the album's lead single, 'simultaneous'. (williams also sent lifted a few other lifted recordings in addition to these two: 'simultaneous' and 'fuzzy thinking', both of which appeared on the album.)

Mt. Mograph Motion 3.27

the motion graphics industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. there are so many different branches of motion design and animation out there. motion design is very different from illustration, photography, and animation, but it is similar to animation, but even more versatile.

i want you to be confident with your own work, and to share it with your friends. i want you to be able to recognize the motion design work of others, so you can tell right away what its really worth. and i want you to know that there is a place in the world for you to express yourself, and to do what you love. you have to be passionate to be great, and that s what i mean by pursuing your dreams.

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