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Meet Alan Cox, a spiritual healer, a gifted psychic and a radio broadcaster from the UK. Following various vivid experiences in life, Alan started his journey to spiritual awakening. He believes in helping others through his gifts and considers himself a conduit of God. Throughout his life and radio broadcasting career, Alan has had the privilege to meet and help celebrities, perform innumerable clearings, foster amazing friendships and discover the spiritual path unique to him. This book takes us to a spiritual realm through Alan's remarkable accounts about psychic surgery, exorcism, near-miraculous healings and preternatural encounters with both good and evil entities that exist and are beyond the understanding of a common man. It transports us from the time when he refused to accept his own spiritual path to the time when he became one of the most well known psychic healers of England. Not only did he offer his services in England, but through his connection with spiritual guides and God, he brought peace into the lives of countless people abroad. It provides us with a story that is personal, revealing and every bit as exciting.

Life Of A Psychic Broadcaster

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