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Passmark Keyboard Test V3 Serial 15

The Acer Aspire E 15 stayed cool during our testing, never topping our 95-degree Fahrenheit comfort threshold. In fact, the laptop's touchpad (84 degrees), keyboard center (87 degrees) and underside (86 degrees) didn't warm to beyond 90 degrees when we watched a full-screen HD video on YouTube for 15 minutes. The hottest location, the underside near the hinge, topped out at 93 degrees.

passmark keyboard test v3 serial 15

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MSI's GL66 Pulse churns out smooth 1080p gaming frame rates and looks every bit as a gaming laptop should. But other positives are scarce, with its mostly plastic build, single-zone keyboard lighting, and general lack of special features at odds with its $1,499 tested price. A sizable discount would take the sting out of those complaints, but you'd still have to deal with the Pulse's hot running temperatures and scanty battery life.

Additionally, in Jin et al. [59], a laptop-keyboard-like matrix was suggested, where a 7 12 matrix was presented, in which the letters were arranged according to alphabetical order. The performance was remarkable (ITR 27.1 bits/min, accuracy 94.8% for 21 flash patterns); however, it was only tested on healthy subjects and it comprises many elements which might confuse some users who are not familiar with keyboards.


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