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How to Use Sharpdesk 3 2 for Document Management and Collaboration

How to Use Sharpdesk 3 2 for Document Management and Collaboration

Sharpdesk 3 2 is a comprehensive document management software that allows you to seamlessly handle computer files as well as scanned documents and images. Using Sharpdesk's intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can collect, store, organise, view, edit, modify, print, and distribute documents within a single application. It can be smoothly integrated with an MFP, a file server, or both. This allows departments and teams to use it as a simple workflow application that facilitates information sharing and collaboration. Sharpdesk promises to revolutionise your business.

Sharpdesk 3 2

In this article, we will show you how to use Sharpdesk 3 2 for various document management and collaboration tasks.

Collecting and Storing Documents

Sharpdesk 3 2 streamlines the scanning and filing of paper documents. Allocating space on a network drive allows you to find, edit, and modify files stored in shared foldersâwhether theyâre on a file server, a NAS*, or your own computer. * NAS: Network attached storages

To scan a paper document using Sharpdesk 3 2, you need to connect your MFP to your computer and launch the Sharpdesk application. Then, select the Scan icon in the input zone and choose your MFP from the list of devices. You can adjust the scan settings such as resolution, color mode, file format, etc. Then, click Scan to start scanning your document.

Once the scanning is done, you will see a thumbnail of your scanned document in the desktop area. You can drag and drop it to any folder in the folder tree or create a new folder by right-clicking on an existing folder and selecting New Folder. You can also rename your file by right-clicking on it and selecting Rename.

Organising and Viewing Documents

Sharpdesk 3 2 allows you to organise your documents in various ways. You can sort them by name, date, size, type, etc. by clicking on the column headers in the desktop area. You can also create subfolders within folders by dragging and dropping files onto them.

To view your documents, you can use the thumbnails or previews mode. Thumbnails mode shows small images of your files that you can easily identify and select. Previews mode shows larger images of your files that you can quickly check without opening them*. You can switch between these modes by clicking on the View icon in the toolbar and selecting Thumbnails or Previews. * Software supporting each file type must be installed in order to use this function.

Editing and Modifying Documents

Sharpdesk 3 2 allows you to edit and modify your documents in various ways. You can straighten misaligned PDFs and image files and ensure that all pages are correctly oriented. You can also stamp your files with an original image or with common terms such as âConfidentialâ or âApproved.â The annotation function lets you insert text, handwritten comments, and highlighting before you save your file.

To edit or modify a document using Sharpdesk 3 2, you need to double-click on it to open it in the viewer window. Then, you can use the tools in the toolbar to perform different actions such as rotate, crop, stamp, annotate, etc. You can also zoom in or out of your document by using the slider or the mouse wheel. When you are done editing or modifying your document, you can save it by clicking on the Save icon or selecting File > Save.

Printing and Distributing Documents

Sharpdesk 3 2 allows you to print and distribute your documents easily. You can fax them by PC-fax, attach them to emails, process them via OCR*, or print them by simply dragging and dropping them onto the appropriate icon in the output zone. You can also register extra optional applications that you want to use for printing or distributing your documents. * OCR: Optical character recognition

To print or distribute a document using Sharpdesk 3 2, you need to select it in the desktop area and drag and drop it onto one of the icons in the output zone. For example, if you want to fax your e0e6b7cb5c


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