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Rome 2 Music Mod

As you will notice in-game, while we do use the original tracks it is not possible in all cases to map the triggers directly to the corresponding triggers in R:TW. For example, Battle Marching music will start after the player presses the "Start Battle" button, instead of when giving their first move/attack order.

Rome 2 Music Mod

his mod will change your Rome - Total War immersion level once and for all! It adds about 300 carefully selected music tracks (4 hours music in total), spicing up each ingame culture. Features music from popular mods blended together along with tracks from various YouTube libraries and free artists.

ATTENTION: This mod will overwrite your Data/sounds/music.dat and Data/sounds/music.idx files but it has backups and, most importantly, it is designed in such way that no harm will be done to precious vanilla, you will still be able to use vanilla music anytime and you will be able to play vanilla without errors. See description!

Rome - Total War is a very old game, and because of that it can't handle RAM effectively, no matter how much RAM you have on your system. Once game's memory utilization reaches a threshold which is about 1.4Gb RAM, it becomes very unstable and starts crashing randomly, post-battle or even in battle. That's why this mod was designed; because music which is defined in game text files, goes directly to RAM when game starts. To avoid that and to free a fair amount of RAM, different music set was used for each culture, so if you play for example greek campaign, other cultures are commented out because you don't need these files and you can save RAM if you comment out these tracks in game file.

So when you launch the bat file, you'll have to choose a number from 1 to 7, each number from 1 to 6 representing a culture, and 7 is swapping back to vanilla. Notice that you don't have to use old music.idx and music.dat. Modded files already include both new and vanilla tracks, and the only file which is operated on the mod level is text file descr_sounds_music.txt which assignes music tracks to each culture.

Want to listen to your favorite you like while playing RTW? Found a great track and want to march to battle with it playing on the background? Find out how to add your own music to RTW in this article.

Now to having the files play in RTW. The data for this is found in RTW\\data\\descr_sounds_music.txt. Before you edit the file make a backup copy of it. That way if something goes wrong you always have the original to fall back on.


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