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[S1E9] Wolf's Bane

We cut to Jackson getting his neck examined by a doctor. During the examination, Jackson hallucinates Derek pulling Wolfsbane out of the scratch on his neck. He wakes up, startled, and the doctor tells Jackson that he has Aconitum (Wolfsbane) poisoning, which allows him to piece together that Scott is a werewolf.After the examination, he confronts Scott. Without saying it directly, Jackson implies that he knows that Scott is a werewolf. Jackson threatens to inform Allison about it if Scott does not give him what he wants, which is, apparently, to also be a werewolf.

[S1E9] Wolf's Bane

At the doctor's office, Jackson is getting his claw wounds examined. The doctor asks him what scratched him. Then he asks Jackson if he's been having trouble sleeping lately and whether he's had nightmares. Jackson tells him he's been having nightmares about a house on fire, and he can hear screaming. Apparently, Derek inadvertently shared his memories through his claws when he impaled Jackson's neck. Either that or the alpha is somehow projecting them. Jackson asks the doctor what dreams have to do with the wounds, and the doctor grabs a pair of foreceps, saying he needs to take a closer look. He comes at Jackson with a clawlike device, cutting into the wounds, and then starts extracting a long, gnarled strand of wolfsbane. Jackson screams and turns to see the doctor transformed into Derek.

Jackson blinks out of the hallucination to the doctor telling him he can put his shirt back on. His scabs are nothing to worry about. The doctor wants to give him antibiotics and tells him he has aconite poisoning. Aconite is another name for wolfsbane. On his way out of the hospital, Jackson stops by Melissa McCall's nurse station and asks her if he can use her computer. She replies that a handsome face like his probably doesn't hear no very often. He takes it as a compliment and smiles to himself. When she asks if he's one of Scott's friends, he tells her yes, and she lets him use her computer. Jackson hops on Inquiry-It and looks up wolfsbane, but we don't see what he finds. 041b061a72


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